Why do I want to do this?

An often asked question! Because I can, is the first answer that springs to mind, however I have and still do ask myself this on many occasions and to be quite honest there are many answers. I want to challenge myself as I have never done before both physically and mentally, to test my skills in an extreme environment, to experience the Simpson Desert step by step, to wholly immerse myself in a vast sea of sand, to feel the elements, to find out if the man that emerges on the eastern fringe of the desert is the same man that sets out from the west.

Why do it for cancer research?

When I made the decision to walk across the Simpson Desert one of the first decisions to be made was would I do it for charity?  Without too much deliberation the answer was yes! Although first and fore mostly I am embarking on this adventure for my own self indulgent reasons, due to the enormity of the project on which I am about to embark I felt that I had, to do it also in the name of charity.  Which charity to choose? There are many worthy charities in who's name I could have chosen to support, however as I lost both my Mother and Father to cancer far to early in their lives, it really did not take too much research on my part to find and choose the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).  The ACRF is a cancer charity foundation, dedicated to finding cures for cancer by funding world-class cancer research in Australia, they are very enthusiastic about my adventure and extremely supportive in my quest to walk across the Simpson Desert and to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.  In fact, I believe that the success of my adventure will not only be measured by the completion of my walk but also in my ability to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.